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What is the difference between Microblading and Nanoblading?

Microblading has transformed women’s life and brows, also made the Permanent Makeup industry so widely known. And now that you finally know about Microblading, everything you hear is people talking about Nano Brows or Nanoblading.   So What is the difference between Microblading and Nanoblading? The term Microblading refers to a small blade (micro) that […]

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Perfect brow for me!

Microblading, Shading, Powder Brows, Ombré Brows… …with so many names, it can be hard to know which technique to choose from when you are not a Brow specialist. In this blog I will guide you on how to choose the right Brow Technique for you! Do you use Anastasia pomade, pencil, gel or powder to […]

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Is Permanent Makeup PAINFUL?

Do you keep postponing your Permanent Makeup because you are scared of the “pain”? Today I will tell you the truth about all the “pain” involved in Permanent Makeup. So let’s start! Microblading, in my opinion could be considered the most painful permanent makeup procedure. But even if it was, everyone is doing, so I […]

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The top 10 facts to Know before booking your Permanent Makeup

We’ve all been dreaming about brows on fleek and never having to apply eyeliner every day and even having effortlessly colored lips. And now you’re here, decided to just get it done.

Good thing, you’re at the right place! So, read on – after all, we’re talking about some permanent procedures. Yes, it’s not really permanent but you know, it’s something that will last a while!

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