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Is Permanent Makeup PAINFUL?

Do you keep postponing your Permanent Makeup because you are scared of the “pain”?

Today I will tell you the truth about all the “pain” involved in Permanent Makeup.

So let’s start!

Microblading, in my opinion could be considered the most painful permanent makeup procedure. But even if it was, everyone is doing, so I do not believe I could say that!

When I ask my clients to give me a number from zero to ten, it is around TWO/THREE the “pain” that they feel. This happens because we do use a micro blade to insert pigment into the skin of the brows, the blade makes tiny cuts and that’s why you feel a little discomfort.

I have to add that pain is relative, I had clients that did not feel a thing and one, yes, ONE client that jumped every time I touched her skin. She had warned me, that she was a baby for pain. And she sure was!

If you can’t tolerate pain, I definitely recommend Powder Brows.
For this technique I use a Tattoo or Permanent Makeup machine and the pain level is ZERO.
I had this procedure done myself and I can guarantee you don’t feel pretty much anything.

I am just like the client I mentioned before, a baby when it comes to pain and I do not like needles either, most of the time I pass out when I have blood work done. But that did not stop me of having Powder brows done on my brows.

Now, eyeliner you may feel a little discomfort especially in the inner corner of your eyes, that part is more sensitive. Pain level TWO or maybe a three.

Lips is a THREE/FOUR out of ten and more towards the end of the procedure, because we do have to color many times and your lips start to feel sensitive.

It is important to mention that I care about my clients comfort and I always use numbing cream, unless they say otherwise.

If you are a baby for pain or not, I’m pretty sure you will be happy with the results and glad that you did it!

Permanent Makeup could boost your confidence and make you feel even more pretty.

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