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Do you know the difference between Permanent Makeup and Tattoo?

Do you know that Permanent Makeup and Tattoo are not the same?

I like to say that they are not the same but they are for sure, very close relatives.

Even though you may think Permanent Makeup is Permanent like the name says, it is not!
We do have to call Permanent for the reason that in some people a leftover pigment may stay in the skin forever.

With that being said, if you get your brows for example, done today, it should last about 3 years. I am not saying you will have those beautiful colorful brows for 3 years. Nope! That should be how long the pigment will last in your skin, with time you should see less and less color on your brows or nothing at all.

Now, if we compare with a brow tattoo done years ago, those brows will always have lots of color, they will also fade, but not as much as Permanent Makeup.
Tattoo always fades to a very gray or very red tone and Permanent Makeup fades to a light grayish or pinkish color.

That happens because the dies are made differently, Ink, made for body Tattoos have a higher molecular weight and are also more concentrated than pigments made for Permanent Makeup, pigments have a lighter molecular weight, fading faster if compared with Tattoos.

The depth that we apply the dies in the skin are different too. Permanent Makeup should be superficial and tattoo deeper into the skin.

The biggest difference is that Tattoos are made to last and to be applied on the skin of the body. Permanent Makeup are made to fade and to be applied on the skin of the face.

That’s why I like to say that both are very close relatives, even though they are different they are also very similar.

I hope you enjoy it!

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