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Do I need a Permanent Makeup License to work as a PMU Artist in NJ?

That’s one of the questions I hear the most and the answer is YES!


NJ laws are very strong when it comes to Permanent Makeup and Tattoo.


If you are interested in becoming a PMU Artist, here is everything you need to know.


First you need to sign up for a AAM Fundamental Course, some may call this course “100 Hour Fundamental Course”.

In this course you will learn about Brows, Eyeliner and Lips plus practice on live models. You will need to perform 2 eyebrows, 2 eyeliner and 2 lips procedures with the guidance of an AAM Platinum Trainer.


In this first step of the training you also have to take a Bloodborne Pathogens test, this test you have to renew every year. It costs around $20 dollars and you can do it online.


Before you start your models you need to sign up for insurance, you also have to renew the insurance every year and it costs around $650.


Now that you complete the first step of the training, NJ states that you have to do an additional 9 procedures, 3 more brows, eyeliner and lips. This step we call “Apprenticeship Program”.


After you complete these 2 steps you will need to take your exam. It is also online and you can do it from home. The price is $397, you do not need to do this every year, just once! 


If you pass, you will be licensed to work as a PMU Artist in the state of NJ.


At Brows Boutique Studio & Academy we offer the training for your certification in NJ and we also offer advanced classes as well.


Give us a call to learn more and sign up to start your new journey towards an amazing career.

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