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The top 10 facts to Know before booking your Permanent Makeup

We’ve all been dreaming about brows on fleek and never having to apply eyeliner everyday and even having effortlessly-colored lips. And now you’re here, decided to just get it done.

Good thing, you’re at the right place! So read on – after all, we’re talking about some permanent procedures. Yes, it’s not really permanent but you know, it’s something that will last for a while!.

Here are some nice steps to help you along your beauty journey:

1. Google your way.
Fire up your device and start looking for Artists near your area. Research for their websites, social media sites and sample work.

2. Find your match.
Just like everyone has their favorite shoes, we artists, have our favorite techniques. That means you need to find an artist that has a similar taste as you!

3. Certification is key.
In New Jersey, you need to be certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP) to work as a Permanent Makeup Artist. Did you know that? Every state has different laws, so do your research when looking for an artist. Having one of these two certifications means the Artist studied and passed a written test and performed many procedures guided by their instructor.
If the artist has other certifications that is great, but they still need one of these two to be able to work as a Permanent Makeup Artist in NJ.

4. Ratings and reviews.
A great way to know if it is a professional you can trust and a professional that will be there for you is to check the reviews. It does not matter how many reviews the artist has but what the client said about their experience.

5. Your health is an important consideration.
How is your health? Are you taking medications? Do you have diabetes? Are you pregnant? More than anything, your health is a top priority. If you have any doubts, call your doctor.

6. Consultations.
Does the Artist you choose offer free consultation? A great way of getting to know your Artist is to actually talk or meet with him/her. These consultations can give you an idea of how your artist works, if your opinion matters, if they will be there for you if you need. Some artists offer free phone consultations and some charge a fee for one on one consultations.

7. Listen to your Artist’s recommendations.
It is very important to follow the artist directions, they will give you instructions about pre procedure care, aftercare so please do as they say.

8. Touch up.
You need a touch up after the healing time is over which will be about 30 days after the first session. That is the key for a good color retention. Without it, chances are it will fade faster, especially if some spots were missing some color and it was never retouched. Normally the touchup session is included in the price, but make sure to ask.

9. Skin.
Sometimes it does not last the time you thought it would, and unfortunately we Artists can not predict that either. Clients with very fair skin have a tendency of needing more retouchs than a client with more color to their skin, your melanin plays a big role.
Oily skin is difficulty for microblading procedures, some artists will not perform microblading if your skin is too oily. The strokes can spread and not last.
Read my Blog: “Why Microblading is not recommended for oily skin”, if that is you case.

10. Maintenance.
Like anything else, your permanent makeup also needs maintenance, some may need a boost of color once a year and some may need more frequently. It all depends on lifestyle, medications, skin and pigment color…
Ask your artist how much they charge for a boost of color.

Permanent Makeup is just like any cosmetic procedure, do not expect immediate results, be patient as it is a process. It will take a little time before you can fully appreciate the results. And I am sure you will!

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