Nowadays we offer many techniques that can improve the appearance of your brows. At consultation, we will talk about your brows, likes and dislikes and what look you want to achieve, based on that, I will explain the techniques we can use to accomplish that look and I will also design your brows to show you how that technique looks on you. Everything I do, from the design to color selection I include you in the entire process.


The most natural technique if your goal is to have natural looking brows. Microblading is achieved by applying pigment in the skin of the brows with a micro-blade, simulating “hair strokes”.

It is a great technique when you want to add a little more “hair” to fill in gaps or if you just want your brows to have a “fuller” look. This technique is not for everyone!


When we combined both techniques, we called it Combo Brows or Microshading. By mixing techniques you can achieve a more realistic result. This can be done in a few ways, it is possible to add some “strokes” (Microblading) in the beginning of your brows and shade (color) the middle and end of your brows. It is also possible to do Microblading in the entire brows and shade in between the “strokes”.

During the consultation I will guide you on choosing the right technique for you.


If natural look is what you like, Powder Brows will give you just that. The difference from Powder Brows to Microblading is the technique. For Microblading we use micro-blades and Powder Brows we use micro needles.


For those who enjoy a darker colored brows, this technique is the closest you will get to a heavy makeup look. The technique starts lighter at the beginning of the brows and darkens at the end.