Yes, I do apply a topical anesthetic prior to Microblading, Eyeliner and Lips procedures. I also apply a secondary anesthetic during the procedure as well.

I consider this a hard question to answer since pain is very relative, some clients may feel more pain than others. I had clients that slept through the process and others that felt some discomfort.

Overall, Permanent Makeup Procedures do not hurt. Like I mentioned before, I do apply topical anesthetic so my clients can feel very comfortable.

No, In my opinion it is very important to keep any brow hair that we can, we should just remove the ones that are not flattering you, but shaving, NEVER!

Before we start the procedure, I will draw your brows based on your likes and dislikes and based on your facial features as well. After the shape is achieved, I will hand you a mirror so you can see and give your opinion. The procedure just starts when you give me your consent.

Color is chosen based on your skin, hair color and other factors. I also like to rub the pigment on your forehead so you can see how the color matches with your skin.

Yes, after the procedure, we will schedule a second session for 30 days after.

I will give you instructions based on the technique we choose for your brows.
It is very important to follow the instructions.

Eyeliner procedure is the easiest one to care for, normally I do not ask my clients to do anything unless I feel their skin is very sensitive, than I may give special instructions.
It is very important to follow the instructions.

It is very important to drink a lot of water before and after the procedure.
Avoid hot and cold drinks, I highly recommend the use of a straw, do not eat hot, cold and spicy and salty foods. I will walk you through and send you home with specific instructions.
It is very important to follow the instructions.

Yes, that can happen.
But I work with high precision, that means that everything I utilize to perform my work, from tools to after care, it is to achieve the best healing and results possible with minimum harm to the skin. Most of my clients do not have a lot of scabbing.

No, you should never pick your scab. If you do, you can be pulling the pigment off as well and that will interfere with the final result.

It has a few reasons related to the fading of the brows, like: medication, skin, not following the after care instructions and sometimes we need to change the color or just add more color.
That is why it is so important to schedule the second session between 30 to 45 days after the first session. On the second session I will be able to check how well your skin took the pigment and make changes if needed.

Tanning is not recommended before or after the procedure, if you have been tanning I would recommend to wait a little before doing your brows.

Sauna is not recommended for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Sauna will make you sweat and when you sweat your body produces salt and salt fades the pigment.

Ocean and pools are not recommended after the procedure.
The top layer of your skin takes 2 weeks to heal, you could get an infection if you use a public pool, also chlorine will fade all the color we work so hard to put on your brows.
The ocean has salt and salt always fades the pigment.
For the first 2 weeks, is very important to take really good care of your brows, eyeliner and lips.

I would recommend a light workout, avoid getting sweaty when you sweat, your body produces salt and salt fades the pigment.

No, at least not for now. I recommend stopping using serums 4 weeks prior your eyeliner procedure.
If you do not stop the use of serum, your skin will be extremely sensitive, you will feel a lot more discomfort and it will probably be a lot more painful too. It also can cause migration.

Lash Extensions should be removed 3 days prior an eyeliner procedure, all the glue must be gone.

I recommend to wait a minimum of 3 weeks prior your brows procedure.

It is very hard to implant color as soon as you have Fillers done, you should wait 2 weeks before having your lips tattooed.

For regular facials you should wait 2 weeks before your procedure and 2 weeks after your procedure.
Now, if you had a chemical peel, hydroxy acid or any more intense facials, the waiting should be 4 weeks.

Permanent Makeup is applied on the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin). A tattoo is made to last, the pigment is deposited on the deep dermis. We can also say that the pigment used for tattoo has higher molecular weight making it last longer.
I like to say that Permanent Makeup and Tattoo are very close relatives.

Different from what you may think, it does not hurt, you may feel a little discomfort for the simple reason that I am touching your eyes.
Now, if you choose a thicker eyeliner or a big design on the tail, then yes, you may feel a little pain, but again nothing that would make you decide to stop the procedure.

Yes, with time Permanent Makeup does fade.

You probably need a color boost when you frequently start adding more color to your brows, eyeliner or lips.

Many factors play a role on the time span of a permanent makeup.
Skin type (oily skin fades faster), skin color (lighter skin fades faster), sun exposure (apply sunblock!), chlorine (if you swim a lot), skin peeling, acids, any cream or lotion with any acid on it, medication plays a big role as well.
If your skin works amazingly well, your skin will expel all the pigment. That is exactly what your skin is supposed to do!
Imagine you got a prick on your finger, what does your body do? Your body does not know what that prick is, so works really hard to expel it. That’s exactly what your body will try to do with the pigment implanted on your skin. That’s why with time all permanent makeup fades.

We do recommend a touch up between 30 to 60 after the first session.

Since we can’t  guarantee how each client will heal, we do offer a touch up for a minimum fee if you do need one.

Some clients may not need a touch up, if that is your case, you can just come once a year for a Color Boost.

For Color Boost Prices, send us a message.

A few reasons can be related to the fading of the brows, like: medication, skin, not following the after care instructions… Remember, everyone is unique and healing is different for everyone.

That is why we do offer the touch up for a minimum fee if you do feel you need one. We do recommend the touch up for everyone. On the touch up appointment we can perfect your brows.

Make sure to schedule the touch up session between 30 to 60 days after the first session. On the touch up session I will be able to check how well your skin took the pigment and make changes if needed.