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Why Microblading is not recommended for those with OILY skin?

Do you have OILY skin?

When you have oily skin and when I say oily skin, I mean that you have oily skin all the time, not just when it is a hot day or it is caused by a product you use on your face.
Oily skin is always oily and you have to use special makeup, face lotions, tonic… to help reduce the oily appearance of the skin.
If that is your skin type, this blog was created especially for you!

Here is what you should know:

The pigment used for Permanent Makeup or Tattoo procedures is attracted to water, but if you have oily skin it will be hard for your skin to absorb the pigment since oil and water repel each other.

Microblading can be done using a micro blade or a permanent makeup machine, by drawing micro strokes that resemble an eyebrow hair, pigment is deposited into the skin of the brows. It is hard for oily skin to retain the pigment, also the “strokes” can expand under the skin as the healing process happens.

The chances of your procedure not lasting is high, it can fade completely or some hair strokes can disappear. We do recommend for those with oily skin to opt for Powder Brows instead of Microblading.

Powder Brows is a technique achieved using a permanent makeup machine or a hand tool as well, but if you have oily skin, please look for an artist that uses a permanent makeup machine. I recommend this tool since the machine can implant a lot more pigment into the skin then a manual tool. If your skin is oily you have a much higher chance of having your permanent makeup last when opting for this technique.

Some clients, still prefer Microblading instead of other techniques, because of its “natural” look. In that case scenario, is good to keep in mind that you may need additional touch ups.
Your Artist can also give you special instructions and products to help attain the best results possible.

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