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What is the difference between Microblading and Nanoblading?

Microblading has transformed women’s life and brows, also made the Permanent Makeup industry so widely known. And now that you finally know about Microblading, everything you hear is people talking about Nano Brows or Nanoblading.


So What is the difference between Microblading and Nanoblading?

The term Microblading refers to a small blade (micro) that is attached to a hand tool, this hand tool is small just like a pen, we dip the blade in a pigment solution and drag it through the skin of the brows (epidermis). This tool helps us artists to create a brow arch, a thicker brow or even make the brows look more symmetrical.

Nanoblading is the same concept as Microblading but we use a very small needle (nano) like an acupuncture size needle instead of a blade. 

We also use a permanent makeup machine which is very similar to a tattoo machine, just more light and delicate. In this machine we insert the needle and the motor propels the needle in and out. We also dip the needle into a pigment solution and create hair-like strokes as we drag the needles through the skin of the brows.

What is better: Microblading or Nanoblading? 

We can say that Microblading causes more trauma to the skin as we cut the skin to implant pigment. Microblading is not recommended for all types of skin, on oily skin for example, the oil can expand the strokes and remove the pigment a lot faster if compared to Nanoblading. 

If I have a client with aged skin, I prefer to work with Nanobladling then Microblading as Nano will cause way less trauma to this type of skin.

The needles used for Nanoblading are more flexible and thin, this can prevent the pigment from going too deep into the skin. The possibility of infection and scarring is minimal. Think of a sewing machine, the needle goes up and down, that is exactly how nanoblading works, so it has no cuts to the skin if compared to Microblading.

We can say that Nanoblading is better for the skin, healing and it can last longer then Microblading.


I’m going to be really truthful with you, it is a combination of factors that will determine how long it will last. Any technique can last 8 months to 3 years. That being said, keep in mind that it can last but the pigment will still fade and the color will not look as vibrant as before, so we do recommend to refresh your brows every year or so.

These are some of the factors that play a role on how long it will last:

Skin type: dry skin tends to retain pigment longer, the opposite applies to oily skin, oily skin tends to make the pigment fade faster.

Pigment color: the darker the pigment, the higher the chance to last for a longer time, that happens because darker pigment colors have more carbon (black pigment) and carbon is strong, so it lasts longer, similar to a tattoo.

Sun: Make sure to apply sunblock on your brows, this way your procedure will stay “fresh” for a little longer time.

Chlorine or Salt water: If you swim often, your procedure will likely fade faster.

Medication:Some medications like antibiotics you should not take before or soon after your appointment. Antibiotics will push the pigment out, so chances are that you will not have a good retention.

Also avoid exfoliation, and skincare products that contain particularly aggressive ingredients like glycolic acid. 

Is Nano Brows more expensive than Microblading?

Yes, Nano Brows can usually be more expensive. It can range from $550 to almost $3500, depending on the location and artist’s experience. You should choose your Nanoblading artist based on experience, if they are licensed, reviews and pictures of their work other than price. After all, the procedure is on your face.

Are Nano Brows worth it?

As a matter of fact, yes! This technique is so natural and delicate, it will bring more life to your face, your brows will look fuller. I can truly say that I never had a client that did not like it.

How painful is Nano Brows if compared with Microblading?

Microblading can be more painful since we are cutting the skin, some clients say that hearing the noise of the blade against the skin it feels strange. With Nanoblading, we are not cutting the skin, that’s why it is way less painful and strange.

Final Notes:

Artists that offer Nanoblading, are normally experienced artists, since this technique is considered an advanced technique, you need experience with the machine to be able to control it and make thin looking strokes.

I truly believe that an Artist that knows their craft well, can make a safe decision on what technique suits the client and client’s skin best. Has many artists out there that specialize in Microblading and do amazing work. The problem I see with Microblading is when it is not done right and that happens a lot when the client chooses an artist based on price. Even though microblading is priced less than Nano Brows, you still want to choose an artist based on their knowledge, pictures of their work and reviews. Do not choose an artist based on price, that can end up costing you a lot more just trying to fix or remove the bad work.

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