The Most Natural Looking Brows

Love your natural look but want fuller brows?

Tired of penciling in your brows every day?

Want to reduce the time spent every morning on your makeup routine?

What about loving the idea of waking up eyebrow ready?

Hmmm… Sounds fantastic right?

Microblading brows are the perfect solution for you! This technique is achieved by applying pigment in the skin of the brows with a micro-blade, simulating “hair strokes”. It gives you a more natural look than other techniques and is perfect if you want to add a little more “hair” to fill in gaps or if you just want your brows to have a “fuller” look.

Choose Between 4 Different Types of Semi-Permanent Brows and Go Out Looking Your Best

At Brows Boutique, we offer 4 types of Microblading brows.

Good Ole Microblading


The most natural technique if your goal is to have natural-looking brows. Microblading is achieved by applying pigment in the skin of the brows with a micro-blade, simulating “hair strokes”.

It is a great technique when you want to add a little more “hair” to fill in gaps or if you just want your brows to have a “fuller” look. This technique is not for everyone!

Combo Brows


When we combine both techniques, we called it Combo Brows or Microshading. By mixing techniques you can achieve a more realistic result. This can be done in a few ways.

It’s possible to add some “strokes” (Microblading) at the beginning of your brows and shade (color) at the middle and end of your brows. It is also possible to do Microblading in the entire brows and shade in between the “strokes”.

During the consultation, I will guide you in choosing the right technique for you.

Powder Brows


If a natural look is what you like, Powder Brows will give you just that. The difference between Powder Brows to Microblading is the technique. For Microblading we use micro-blades and for Powder Brows, we use microneedles.

Ombre Brows

ombre picture

For those who enjoy darker-colored brows, this technique is the closest you will get to a heavy makeup look. The technique starts lighter at the beginning of the brows and darkens at the end.

Are you ready to achieve flawless, beautiful, and long-lasting eyebrows? Contact us today to get started!

Nano Brows


Nanoblading/Nano Brows and Microblading are very similar techniques that are used to create, enhance or reshape the eyebrow’s appearance while still looking natural.

Microblading we add pigment to the skin using a handheld tool made of several tiny needles grouped on a blade.

Nanoblading on the other hand, we use a machine with a 1 point needle.
Both can create fine strokes that appear to look like hair.

Perfect 5-Star Google Reviews

What if I get hurt in the process?

What if I don’t like how my brows turn out?

How do I know I can trust Brows Boutique to deliver?

Our results speak for themselves…..

Brows Boutique has a perfect 5-star google review! Rest assured you’re in safe hands with the whole procedure. We’ll listen to your needs, and create the best-looking brows for you.

Read What Our Fabulous Clients Are Saying

Kim Eiseman
Kim Eiseman
Charis is AMAZING. I’ve never met a stylist so patient, detail oriented, and kind. I had microblading done by another permanent makeup artist a few years back, and there were no where near the quality of my new brows that Charis did. Charis took the time to make sure I loved the trial brows, checked with me frequently to ensure I loved what she was doing, and consistently texted to see how the healing process was going. My brows look beautiful (and I have absolutely no hair due to Trichotillomania). I’ve gotten so many compliments. Not only will Charis be your new best friend, she will be the best decision you’ve ever made!
I ???? my new brows & highly recommended Charis! I was nervous at first, but Charis explained the entire procedure & put me at ease instantly. She goes above & beyond for you...a true professional! ????
Deborah D Klein
Deborah D Klein
Charis is amazing!!! My eyebrows look amazing and very natural. She was a dream to work with and took her time to understand exactly how I wanted them to look. THANK YOU! #lifechangingbrows #browsboutiqueandacademy
Jennifer Aguayo
Jennifer Aguayo
The whole experience was fantastic. Cháris is a real artist and also a lovely person. She spends a lot of time with you in consultation and explains everything thoroughly. Her place is clean, lovely and smells great! The finished product is perfect! I love my brows!!
Lisa Agudo
Lisa Agudo
Claris is wonderful. She is so meticulous. Confirming the shape and color are exactly what I want. She is a pleasure to work with. I love my eyebrows. Thank you Claris:).
Dominika Maz
Dominika Maz
I absolutely love this place.it’s brand new, clean and has a good vibe. I’ve been doing brows with Charis for a while and it’s always a great experience. My brows look better then I expected, perfect shape for my face, and with minimal discomfort . Charis’s work is amazing and I would highly recommend her to a friend.
Jessica Knopf
Jessica Knopf
Cháris did a fabulous job on my brows. She is an incredibly sweet person in her office space was spotless.
Amy Elman
Amy Elman
Excellent experience, very professional. Brows came out exactly as I wanted. Couldn’t be happier. Would definitely recommend -
Ryan Breznovits
Ryan Breznovits
It was time for my eyebrow "boost" with Charis. Although I have been a client of hers for a few years, I was her first client at Brows Boutique! We discussed a color change and she was so good about explaining the process and making me feel comfortable. I could not be happier with the results! I wish her much success and would highly recommend her to family and friends! Maureen Breznovits (using my son's gmail account)
Nancy Krannich
Nancy Krannich
I am beyond happy with my new brows. Charis is so talented. She’s the best!

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We get it…

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you want because you don’t know the final outcome of the brows. That is why we offer our clients free consultations to help them make the best choice.

During the consultation, we also talk about skin types, and other factors that may affect your result, or prevent you from doing the procedure.

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